“F*ck This” – Jim Cornette Blasts AEW Double or Nothing Championship Match

Jim Cornette

The ever-outspoken Jim Cornette has given his views on the fatal four way AEW World Championship match at AEW Double Or Nothing and it is fair to say the Louisville man was less than impressed with what he saw.

In reviewing the match, Cornette panned the action and noted that it was the first time he had ever skipped through a bout featuring MJF.

Jim Cornette Less Than Impressed With Fatal Four Way Match

Speaking on a recent edition of his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager was underwhelmed with the bout, initially believing that not enough was happening before eventually becoming bemused with what he saw and fast forwarding to the finish:

“And then all four of them were on their knees hitting chops and then all four of them stood there and fake stagger sold and allowed each other to hit each other and the I wrote ‘nothing is happening.’

And then all three of them gave MJF big moves, and then threw him out to the floor and started trying to beat each other up again and I fast forwarded a couple minutes. MJF got his diamond ring but Darby hit him with a skateboard in front of the referee because it’s no disqualification and he gave MJF a coffin drop but Jungle Boy saved MJF.

Now Darby and Jungle Boy were wrestling each other and the other two were gone completely and I said f*ck this and went to the finish.

Darby Allin went to Coffin Drop Jungle Boy but MJF took the title belt and dropped it on top of Jungle Boy and Darby landed on Jungle Boy and the belt and then MJF grabbed Darby in a headlock takeover and pinned him 1…2…3.”

A baffled Cornette would then question the legitimacy of the finish with co-host Brian Last:

“Brian, again, I’m just a small town bird lawyer, I didn’t do all of the advanced calculus in college on force and dynamics and gravity and things and such of that nature, but with the bumps that we have seen Darby Allin take over and over and over again, would it really incapacitate him if he came from 15 feet in the air and landed back first on a belt on top of a human being or would it do more damage to the guy that he landed on that was underneath the belt?!”

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