Wrestling Fans React To ‘The Worst Wrestling Tattoo Ever’

Wrestling Tattoo

One fan’s judgment is being heavily questioned after getting what’s hailed as the “worst wrestling tattoo ever.”

For many fans, love of professional wrestling is a lifelong commitment, and choosing to immortalize one’s fandom in the form of a tattoo is far from uncommon. The Internet is flooded with images of wrestling-related tattoos, ranging from company logos to likenesses of a fan’s favorite performer.

While some of these tattoos are hailed as stunning works of art, others call into question the judgment of those who’ve chosen to permanently adorn their bodies with certain images, and a recent post on social media highlighted what’s being called the “worst wrestling tattoo ever.”

The image in question seems to have the noble goal of bringing fans together across company lines, professing the message that wrestling fans of multiple promotions can coexist in their love for scripted combat. However, the execution of the idea has been maligned on social media.

In the tattoo, AEW President Tony Khan can be seen hugging former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, though it’s unclear why the artist chose to portray McMahon wearing the culturally questionable durag he sported during his time as ECW Champion. The word “coexist” is spelled out underneath featuring letters in the style of multiple wrestling promotion logos including GCW, ROH, AEW, NXT, and ICW.

Many fans agreed with Ryan Satin’s assertion that the tattoo is terrible, but others seemed to be of the belief that the artwork is “so bad that it’s beautiful” and “amazing.” One particular fan asked popular t-shirt designer Pro Wrestling Tees to release it as merchandise.

This isn’t the only wrestling-related tattoo news to make waves in recent days, as Randy Orton’s tattoo artist Catherine Alexander recently sought legal action to prevent her artwork being used in WWE video games. Alexander was successful in her lawsuit, setting a legal precedent that could have major implications for not just wrestling video games, but also those featuring any professional athletes.