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Fandango Reveals Road Dogg Was A Big Advocate Of Breezango


Fandango has discussed one backstage WWE producer that was a big proponent of the Breezango tag team formed by the dancing star and Tyler Breeze.

Fandango made his in-ring debut on the main roster of WWE at WrestleMania 29 where he defeated former WWE Champion, Chris Jericho. This proved to be the high point of Fandango’s singles run in the company and eventually, he was paired with another star who found himself on the periphery of WWE at the time – Tyler Breeze.

Speaking on Felger & Massarotti, Fandango discussed forming the team and says he thinks that he and Breeze may well have been on the “chopping block” in the company at the time:

“Breeze and I, we weren’t really doing too much at the time on TV. So, I think they were actually making cuts, this was like 2015 or 2016, and I assume we were probably on the chopping block, and Vince didn’t think it was time to get rid of us quite yet. So what do you do and you got two floundering singles guys? You put them together.”

The man now known as Dirty Dango on the independent scene discussed which WWE producer was a fan of the pairing:

“Road Dogg was a big advocate for us because he was kind of the same situation back in his day where he was a singles guy, and they put him and Billy together. Obviously, they had a little bit better run than Breezango. But he helped us out a lot and gave us a little life to our careers there in WWE.”

Road Dogg was previously known as ‘The Real Double J’ Jesse James in the then-WWF when he found a kindred spirit in the man then known as Rockabilly. Forming the New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn went on to be one of the seminal tag teams of the Attitude Era and held the WWE Tag Team Championship on six occasions.

h/t Fightful for the transcription