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Fandango Reveals Why He Was “P*ssed” About Debuting At WrestleMania

Fandango Chris Jericho

Former WWE Superstar Fandango has opened up about why he was far from happy ahead of his debut as the ballroom brawler at WrestleMania 29.

Fandango – now known as Dirty Dango following his WWE release – is one of a handful of wrestlers that have made their WWE debut on The Grandest Stage Of Them All. At WrestleMania 29, after weeks of vignettes, Fandango made his in-ring debut defeating former Undisputed WWF Champion Chris Jericho in one of the biggest upsets ever at The Show of Shows.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast Fandango revealed he wasn’t happy about the situation heading into WrestleMania because he knew his WrestleMania opponent wouldn’t be:

“I was kind of p*ssed because I knew that he would be p*ssed. I couldn’t care less and I didn’t give a sh*t. I knew he was in a tough spot because he was supposed to work Ryback. I wasn’t p*ssed, but I was like ‘oh f*ck he [Jericho] is going to be p*ssed about this.'”

“But I didn’t sit at this table in Stamford and hatch this scheme with Vince. If there was a list of 100 characters, the evil ballroom dancer would be at the bottom. But if you are given an opportunity straight from the old man, alternatively I could have just sat backstage and got released in a few years. This is probably my one shot, I’m going to have to try and make this as best as I can.”

“It’s tough when you’re working a guy who is working somebody else. To his credit, he could have sandbagged me and got his payday. But he wanted to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. I’m not saying Fandango was a chicken sh*t character, but it was hard to make it work in a short amount of time. It was hard to sell a WrestleMania program of a guy who hasn’t wrestled on tv in just 4 weeks.”

Fandango also discussed how WWE Hall Of Famer The Great Khali cost the dancing duelist his only singles title run in the company.

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