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Fandango On His “Ridiculous” WWE Character

Fandango Chris Jericho

Former WWE Superstar Fandango has discussed his WrestleMania 29 match against Chris Jericho and says he understands why AEW’s Demo-God was reluctant to face him.

In November 2012 Johnny Curtis underwent a transformation that saw him become dance sensation Fandango in WWE. Fandango competed on live events throughout the early part of 2013 but his first televised match as the quickstep Casanova came on The Grandest Stage Of Them All at WrestleMania against former multiple-time world champion Chris Jericho.

Speaking on the Such Good Shoot podcast, Fandango discussed where he believes the idea for his character came from, looking no further than his WrestleMania opponent and his own dancefloor days.

Fandango explained:

“Chris, he was a big reason why I wanted to be a wrestler. So working my first major program with him, you know, obviously, you’re nervous, you’re intimidated, and I didn’t want to be a f*cking dancer, but I knew that you got to make the best of it. So if I was him, I probably won’t be too excited about it, too. Maybe he was told he was gonna work someone else which I could see him being pissed off.”

“Chris did an amazing job at getting me over and I don’t blame him. It’s a ridiculous character. Look at it this way, guys, so Vince thought it was probably stupid that he went on Dancing with the Stars, right? Vince thought Bryan Danielson was crazy to be a vegan. So anything that Vince thinks is stupid, he’ll make a character out of it, right?”

“So he thought Chris going on Dancing with the Stars was stupid, so what is he gonna do? He’s gonna make an evil dancing gimmick because he thinks it’s outrageous.”

“Unless you’re that tippy-top guy like Roman Reigns, you’re gonna kind of go into no man’s land, and that’s kind of what happened to me because I was just riding the wave, you know? So look at what Chris would do. So Chris was always evolving and coming up with different stuff, new characters, twists on his character, and I kind of felt stuck with that character.”

Fandango shockingly beat Jericho in one of the all-time WrestleMania upsets. That proved to be the highlight of Fandango’s WWE career although he did win the NXT Tag Team Championship with partner Tyler Breeze in August 2020. Both men were released from their WWE contracts on June 25th, 2021.

Credit: Such Good Shoot podcast

h/t Sportskeeda and Fightful for the transcription