Fan Almost Hit With Ladder During WWE NXT Halloween Havoc [VIDEO]

NXT Halloween Havoc WWE

During the Ladder Match for the North American Halloween Havoc, the chaos wasn’t just confined to the ring and the ringside area.

By their very nature Ladder Matches are unpredictable affairs and when there are so many props and weapons involved, things can go wrong. This is especially true in multi-person matches.

Fan Nearly Hit At NXT Halloween Havoc

During the five-man Ladder Match at NXT Halloween Havoc, Von Wagner set up a ladder between the ring apron and the barricade. However, as he moved the ladder onto the barrier in front of the fans, he appeared to almost hit a female fan in the face.

As the opening bell rang it was Nathan Frazer who gained the early momentum launching himself at anyone and anything that moved. As the ladders came into the play, the level of pain experienced by all those involved increased ten fold. Frazer, Oro Mensah and Carmelo Hayes, all fell victim to the furniture in quick succession.

With all competitors down, Trick Williams and Mr Stone ended up fighting at the top of a ladder before crashing to the floor below.

Next to find himself in trouble was Von Wagner, after setting up a huge ladder on the outside from the barricade to the ring apron, he was knocked down onto his creation. Laying prone, Frazer delivered a Frog Splash from the top rope to leave Wager, and the ladder, broken in two.

Despite this Wager rallied to pull Wes Lee from a ladder in the middle of the ring. But Wagner wasn’t done. he picked up Lee high above his head and launched him from the ring onto the announce table. Yet somehow, Wes Lee came back and saw off Carmelo Hayes while perched on a ladder to grab the North American Title and the win.