Fan Hires Daniel Garcia To Break News Of Divorce To Husband

Daniel Garcia entrance

A female AEW fan has hired Daniel Garcia to break the news of her divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Professional wrestling is an industry that thrives on the outlandish and the bizarre, but even by those standards Daniel Garcia’s latest assignment is very much off the wall.

In a post on social media, Garcia revealed that he had been hired by a fan to break the news of their divorce from their husband. Part of the Cameo clip was later shared on Twitter, which you can see below.

“Don’t talk to her again. She is sick of you. She doesn’t wanna hear from you. She doesn’t wanna get a text message, a phone call, a DM, she doesn’t wanna get email, she doesn’t wanna get a LinkedIn message. She doesn’t wanna get none of that. So just leave her alone, and let the divorce be final. It’s over bro, she don’t want you no more.”

In recent weeks and months when he’s not delivering divorce notices, Daniel Garcia has become an integral of the Jericho Appreciation Society. This has put the young star at war with Eddie Kingston and the Blackpool Combat Club.

Garcia’s most recent in-ring outing came against Bryan Danielson who was returning from a number of weeks out on July 27th. To the shock of many, it was Garcia who scored the win over the former WWE star.

However, the rivalry between the pair is far from over. It has already been announced that they’ll go one-on-one in a Two Out of Three Falls match on the August 17th edition of Dynamite.