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Fan Shares Heartwarming Video Of Surprise Meeting With The Mysterios

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A heartwarming video of TikTok star and WWE superfan Derek Baker being surprised by Rey and Dominik Mysterio has gone viral on social media.

Following their unexpected appearance on the most recent edition of NXT 2.0, Rey and Dominik Mysterio have gone viral on TikTok for a completely different kind of surprise.

The father and son Lucha duo recently turned up at a restaurant to meet social media star and huge Mysterio fan Derek Baker. The surprise had been organised by Baker’s sisters Jenna and Kay over several weeks.

They told their brother that they were going to a Pioneer Bakery to celebrate his mother’s birthday early, but after everything was in place, they asked him to close his eyes and that’s when The Mysterios made their appearance to the overwhelming delight of Derek.


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The Mysterios also made a shock appearance on NXT 2.0 when they interrupted Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma celebrating a win over Cameron Grimes.

Rey insisted that Santos Escobar wasn’t the future of Lucha Libre; instead, he said, that honour belonged to his son Dominik. When Legado del Fantasma laughed at the idea of Dominik being better than them, the young Raw star insisted that he would take on whichever one of them had the guts to face him. Raul Mendoza accepted the challenge, and the two faced off later in the evening.

Though things looked grim for the younger Mysterio when Elektra Lopez attempted to interfere on behalf of Mendoza, Fallon Henley confronted Lopez and was accompanied by Briggs and Jensen to even the odds, allowing Dominik to get the win.

The full results from the March 15th episode of NXT can be found here.