Fan Dressed As Spider-Man Attacks Talent During Independent Wrestling Show [VIDEO]


The worlds of Spider-Man and professional wrestling have crossed before, but one fan at an independent show dressed as the superhero crossed a line when he got involved and attacked talent.

Though many eyes were on Las Vegas as the home of AEW Double or Nothing over the weekend, independent shows were happening across the country, and Atlanta, GA was home to Outlandish Paradise 3, promoted by current IMPACT Wrestling star Zicky Dice.

At one point during the show, a fan dressed as Spider-Man emerged from the crowd and got into the ring, attacking independent star Dillon McQueen before delivering a move to independent wrestler Dani Jordyn. The attack was not a planned, and those involved with the show worked quickly to make the situation safe for everyone in attendance, including the fan who clearly dealt with intellectual disabilities.

Taking to social media to respond to a video of the attack, the promoter of Outlandish Paradise 3 called out his experience working with adults with disabilities and noted that the attack put him in a tough spot.

“I spent 13 years working with adults with intellectual disabilities. This put me in a tough spot & I feel we handled this situation as best as we possibly could without anyone getting injured. And as fast as I could. I can assure you he learned his lesson. #OP3”

Dillon McQueen Addressed The Spider-Man Fan Incident In A Social Media Video

Addressing his attack, Dillon McQueen took to social media to post a video, praising the staff at the convention center as well as the show’s promoter for their handling of the situation, which was resolved to the best of everyone’s abilities.

“I just wanted to take this time to address my fans like I said that I would regarding the incident involving myself and Dani Jordyn at Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise 3. First things first, if you were not there, you have no idea of the situation that we all had to deal with as professionals, a situation that unraveled so quickly, and I’m so proud of every single person involved in the staff at Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise, all the workers security for MomoCon.

“Everybody did everything they could to contain a rapidly developing situation as fast as they could under the constraints that we were under. Nobody was hurt, thank God. But to sit here and be validated when people say that something happened to you isn’t real. It’s completely defaming to the people that actually had to go through it and the victims of what actually happened. So, thank you, everybody at Zicky Dice, thank you to everybody at MomoCon. Thank you to everyone that has supported us. Let’s keep it moving.”

Dani Jordyn also took to social media to address the attack, making it clear that she tried to speak with the attacker prior to him laying hands on her. She echoed McQueen in praising those backstage for acting in as professional a manner as possible.

“I am okay. If you only knew the whole story. No, it was not a part of the show. Yes I told him to leave the ring several times. I did not expect to be touched at all. We handled the situation backstage as professionally as we could given the entire situation”

When a fan accused her of being in on the attack due to her selling the move performed on her by the fan, she hit back, saying that her instincts as a trained professional kicked in.

“Because I’m a professionally trained worker that was trying not to get hurt by someone that snatched me, it’s happened to me plenty of times by poorly trained workers, my instinct kicked in. But how would you know, you’re not me.”

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