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Fan Assaults Georgia Independent Wrestler Joe Black At IWE Legion 300 (Video)

Joe Black v Anthony Henry IWE Legion 300

Footage of independent wrestling star Joe Black being assaulted by a fan at Intense Wrestling Entertainment’s Legion 300 event has gone viral online.

Intense Wrestling Entertainment is an independent wrestling promotion based out of Augusta, Georgia. Their latest event took place on May 14th and was a celebration of the company’s third anniversary. The card was headlined by a championship match between two of their top stars, Anthony Henry and Joe Black.

However, it was an incident that took place after the main event that has people talking as Joe Black was involved in an altercation with a fan at ringside which was caught on camera by several fans in attendance.

Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net who happened to be at the show has reported that the fan was “mouthing off” throughout the final match and said something to Black, who proceeded to knock the fan’s hat off. The fan then attacked Black with a headbutt and chaos ensued as the locker room emptied and fans were ejected.

The footage of the incident can be found below.

IWE Pro has now released a statement on Twitter apologising for any inconveniences and stating the “unfortunate event” will be addressed by their personnel.

“An unfortunate event happened at the show tonight which will be addressed by IWE personnel. We want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred.”

Fans getting involved in altercations with pro wrestlers is not a new occurrence, although it has become rarer over the years. The most high-profile incident of recent years saw Seth Rollins attacked as he made his way backstage. Things didn’t end well for the attacker as he was quickly tackled by officials and dragged away before being taken into police custody.