Exclusive: The Young Bucks Didn’t Know AEW Talent Was Being Released

The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega Exclusive Image

The Young Bucks had no idea that AEW had released Fuego Del Sol.

Fuego Del Sol began appearing in AEW in 2020 and these performances became increasingly more frequent until he was signed to a full-time contract in 2021. However, in more recent times Fuego struggled to find a foothold on television and eventually left the company in June 2023.

During an exclusive interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Fuego Del Sol reflected on his time in AEW and pondered what might come next. The timing of Fuego’s AEW stint meant that he was in the locker room while backstage morale took a hit, and the problems between the Young Bucks and CM Punk exploded.

Despite this, Fuego downplayed suggestions of a locker room split and pointed to his good relationships with both camps. Interestingly, in complimenting The Bucks for reaching out to him when he was released, he revealed that the Jackson brothers didn’t initially realise he’d been let go despite their Executive Vice President status.

“However, I have to turn around and say The Bucks have been phenomenal to me since day one. They treated me like a brother, a wrestler, one of the boys. They never treated me like I was an extra They never acted like they were above me because they were EVPs, they’ve both checked on me since I got hurt. And since I got released, I got messages from both Matt and Nick saying ‘We had no clue we’re so sorry. Hope for you wish the best for you,’ because they were always good to me.

So I’ve had great interactions with everybody at the top, more so The Bucks and Punk, than Kenny [Omega], but Kenny does a lot of stuff with the female division. But anytime I had questions about going to Japan, or what he thought of my matches, he was incredibly nice.

So there’s a lot of talk about the butting heads at the top, but a lot of our top guys really want the best for the industry and help the younger guys out tremendously.”

Do The Young Bucks Still Talk To Cody Rhodes?

Fuego Del Sol also retains a strong relationship with Cody Rhodes, despite the star leaving AEW back in early 2022. One of the big questions following Rhodes’ departure was his relationship with fellow EVPs the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

Speaking at the premiere of his new WWE documentary Rhodes revealed that he remains on good terms with the Bucks and they speak regularly.

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