Exclusive: The Blue Meanie Defends Roman Reigns’ Lengthy WWE Title Run

Roman Reigns - Blue Meanie exclusive

Roman Reigns is in the midst of the run of a lifetime, but as it’s progressed, it’s become increasingly more divisive among WWE’s fanbase.

The Tribal Chief has now been Universal for over 1000 days, and Undisputed Champion for 424 days. During that period he’s beaten former champions, Hall of Famers, and the very best that WWE has to offer, often more than once.

Only four men have held WWE World Championship gold longer than Reigns, with the star sitting behind Hulk Hogan, Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, and Bruno Sammartino.

To add further context to how much of an anomaly Reigns’ run has been in the modern era, it represents the longest World Championship reign since 1988.

However, in recent weeks cracks have begun to form in The Bloodline, and Jimmy Uso turned his back on Reigns at Night of Champions, hitting him with two Superkicks.

During an exclusive new interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, ECW legend The Blue Meanie discussed a whole range of topics including the latest goings on in The Bloodline.

The veteran began by heaping praise on The Usos for their role in the long-running story, describing them as the “heartbeat” of the entire storyline. While reflecting on Jimmy Usos’ stunning betrayal of Reigns at Night of Champions the veteran said Jey Uso’s reaction was something everyone can relate to, highlighting the “tangible” passion involved.

Looking at Reigns’ run with the gold specifically, Meanie explained that he’s glad the World Championship now means more than it used to. The former ECW star compared it to his own time in WWE when he wrestled three different Intercontinental Champions in just two months.

“So yeah, that whole Bloodline thing’s been fantastic. And I like that there’s a long title — I like the title reign to mean more now. Not like a hot potato situation like it was in the Attitude Era.

I was just looking through some of my old footage and I realised was in WWE, I had three Intercontinental matches with three different champions within the course of a couple months. I wrestled Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental belt, wrestled Godfather for the Intercontinental belt, and then I totally forgot, I know I wrestled Val Venis, but I forgot he was Intercontinental champion when I wrestled him.”

Roman Reigns’ Championship Celebration Set For SmackDown

Roman Reigns will return to SmackDown on June 2nd for a special celebration to mark his 1000-day championship reign, although following Jimmy Usos’ actions at Night of Champions there could be trouble ahead.

WWE has also announced that Reigns will be appearing at a number of SmackDown tapings during the next two months.

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