Exclusive: Rob Van Dam Picks The ECW Legend He’d Main Event WrestleMania With

Rob Van Dam In AEW

Rob Van Dam knows good business when he sees it and Mr. Monday Night thinks he would have torn the WrestleMania house down with one of his greatest rivals.

Inside The Ropes got an early peek of the upcoming episode of “1 Of A Kind With RVD” and Van Dam fielded a bunch of fan questions. One fan asked what fellow ECW original would he pick to main event a WWE WrestleMania with? RVD joked that he’d go against Super Nova, Danny Doring or Roadkill before giving his actual answer, a name he will forever be bonded with.

I would wrestle Sabu.”

Van Dam has wrestled with and against Sabu on hundreds of occasions with a handful of their classic bouts going down under the ECW banner. The two have also fought one another in WWE, Impact Wrestling and several independent promotions, stemming all the way back to 1991. Both basically grew up in the business together as the two were trained by The Original Sheik, who was the uncle of Sabu.

Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu At WrestleMania Would Be A Match RVD Has Never Done

When asked what kind of match he would pick to face Sabu, Van Dam picked a type of extreme bout he’s never done, but one Sabu is all too familiar with.

“Maybe I would do RVD’s first barbed wire match. I wonder if the match would be as good cause I can’t bounce off the ropes and that takes away a lot of my sh*t. So I would have to consider that as well, you know?”

Back in 1997, Sabu won the ECW World Title in a barbed-wired match against the late legendary Terry Funk and while RVD didn’t wrestle in the match, he helped to cut Sabu free from all that barbed wire. Would Rob enjoy the challenge of the barbed wire eliminating a great deal of his offensive arsenal?

Not necessarily, but I mean, if it’s good business, it’s good business, you know?”

WrestleMania 40 sounds like the perfect place for RVD vs. Sabu to go down in considering it is located in Philadelphia and because of that, Sabu is a fan favorite to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year.

Please credit “1 Of A Kind With RVD” and h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription.