Exclusive: Mojo Rawley Was Heartbroken Over WWE Star’s World Title Win

Mojo Rawley Exclusive Image

Mojo Rawley has admitted that he felt sorry for Drew McIntyre after the manner of his WWE Championship win at WrestleMania 36.

In January 2020, McIntyre won the Royal Rumble match, eliminating WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in the process. This coincided with a huge groundswell of support for the Scottish star and he went on to defeat Lesnar again at WrestleMania to win the WWE Title for the first time.

However, between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, and WWE’s showcase event took place at the Performance Center with no fans in attendance. In the eyes of many, this took the shine off McIntyre’s win, as his crowning moment was greeted by the sound of silence instead of the roar of tens of thousands of people.

This moment has come back into the spotlight as it has been reported that McIntyre could leave WWE when his contract expires. It has been suggested that the star is unhappy with money and creative as well as growing increasingly frustrated with the company.

While chatting all things wrestling with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley discussed McIntyre’s current situation within the company. Rawley, real name Dean Muhtadi, praised the former World Champion for his work ethic, before admitting that he felt bad for him as his biggest moment came in an empty building.

Drew McIntyre. Man, what an incredible guy, looks like a million bucks, goes out there and just goes to war, and works as hard as he can. I don’t think in all the years I’ve known him I’ve ever heard him really complain about anything. Even when something’s bothering him. He keeps that bottled up.

For some guys that works, but going on Twitter, and airing out your grievances, is never something I’ve really ever done. Keep it to yourself that comes back to bite you in too many ways.

For some, it works. You know, if you figured out how to navigate that audience, certainly go for it. But Drew man, what a hard-working guy. Yeah, hate to see not only the career he had with WWE, but everything he did outside of it, to come back in, how hard he’s worked that he got his major run when there were no live crowds.

Your heart kind of breaks for somebody like that, because, yeah, he won the World Title, but it doesn’t feel the same when there’s not all those people in a WrestleMania there to really feel that difference. And you can absolutely feel the difference for sure.”

CM Punk Has Supporters In AEW – Mojo Rawley

As the uncertainty around Drew McIntyre’s WWE future continues, he has repeatedly been linked with AEW, even if an appearance at All In is highly unlikely.

However, while McIntyre might not find his way to AEW, CM Punk is a little over a month away from returning to the company. It has widely believed that the star will return to AEW for the debut of Collision on June 17th, live from the United Center in Chicago.

Despite this, the issues that caused Punk’s hiatus, still remain. Although this might not be the be-all and end-all that some have suspected. Rawley noted that Punk has “a lot of supporters” within the company, even if problems still exist with The Elite and other top names.

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