Exclusive: Madusa Addresses Possibility Of One More Match

Madusa - Exclusive

In recent years stars such as Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Steve Austin, and more have all returned to the ring for ‘one more match,’ and it seems that Madusa might be next.

The WWE Hall of Famer is regarded as a pioneer of women’s wrestling and had spells in the WWF, WCW, and in Japan. During her full-time career, the star won numerous championships and landed a spot in wrestling infamy after dumping the WWF Women’s Title in the trash live on WCW Nitro.

Although long retired the star got back in the ring for WWE Evolution in 2018 and has refused to rule out the prospect of a retirement match.

In recent weeks the veteran has engaged in social media feud with Trish Stratus after the Raw star made her own WWE return. After turning her back on Lita, Stratus claimed that women’s wrestling was nothing before she joined WWE. This caught the attention of Madusa who quickly fired back.

This has led many to wonder whether a match could be on the cards between the two legends. Interestingly, Madusa isn’t ruling it out.

Speaking exclusively to Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, the former Women’s Champion said that while she has no desire to take the spotlight from others or do a full-time run, a retirement match isn’t out of the question. With regard to her new rivalry with Stratus, she said the inspiration came because the story writes itself, revealing that she’s already made pitches to WWE.

“I would never suggest ‘Hey, I need to come back for a full run and steal the spotlight from somebody’. Oh, hell no. But I probably could go for a retirement match. I mean, I feel like I still have it. But before I even thought of that, I definitely would want to get down in the ring in Natalya’s gym, and roll around for a couple of months first, but that wasn’t the cue.

The cue is just, you know, get things fired up. You never know what might happen. I thought it was a great angle and it makes sense because I’m the era before her. She claims that she’s the ruler of all, and I’m just like, tapping on her, ‘Excuse me. There is one woman that has trailblazed a few things.’ You know what I mean? Yeah, we’ll see what happens. I did feed it to WWE. They absolutely loved it. But yeah, nothing yet.”

Madusa Doesn’t “Hate” Trish Stratus

During the conversation, Madusa discussed her feud with Stratus and gave fans a glimpse behind the curtain on how it all started.

The star said that after Stratus cut her promo she got messages from people asking what she thought, but told them Trish was simply being a heel. However, as time passed she saw that there was a chance to try something, so asked Stratus if it was okay if she made some negative comments on Twitter.

She added that she’s even checked with Stratus to make sure she isn’t being too harsh or hard on her.

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