Exclusive: Kevin Sullivan Believes The Bloodline Is The Greatest Wrestling Story In History

Exclusive, Kevin Sullivan - The Bloodline

The Bloodline is the greatest wrestling story ever told according to Kevin Sullivan.

Former WCW star Kevin Sullivan has seen and done it all in the world of professional wrestling. The man known as the “Boston Battler” early in his career, starred across Championship Wrestling from Florida and Jim Crockett Promotions, ECW, and WCW, tangling with some of the very best in history.

While Sullivan might be best known on-screen for his role in the Dungeon of Doom, during his time with WCW he also worked as a booker, including during the period when the nWo was dominating television.

Speaking in an exclusive new interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Sullivan reflected on his lengthy career, and the launch of his AdFreeShows exclusive podcast, Tuesday With The Taskmaster.

When it was put to Sullivan that he was ahead of the curve when it came to putting more storytelling and “sports entertainment” into his presentation as a wrestler, he admitted he hadn’t thought of it in those terms, but felt that was the way to go. Switching his attention to the story dominating WWE today, Sullivan hailed The Bloodline as maybe the greatest thing he’s ever seen.

“I don’t know if I actually thought I was, but I figured that had to be the way to go. Look at I’ve been around for a long time. Right? I think The Bloodline’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Reflecting on the recent SmackDown segment at Madison Square Garden which lasted 40 minutes, Sullivan praised all involved for being able to produce such enthralling television without any wrestling taking place. The veteran also tipped his hat to Roman Reigns for how he’s elevated those who have worked with him during this staggering run.

“How many Dropkicks did you see during that match? There was no match. 40 minutes of entertaining things. It was just talking. But they had built that story from day one, they didn’t rush it.

And here’s the thing. I was involved in the nWo. When we were doing it, we’re smashing the babyfaces and killing them to get the nWo over right, we made the nWo stronger than WCW.

Roman [Reigns] during this purge of terror that he’s been on, has made Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Cody, you could go down the line — Jey and Jimmy. There’s a whole list that he’s made babyfaces while they’ve been the centre of attention. It’s pretty amazing to me.”

Sullivan went on to reiterate that the story could well be the best ever while adding that the ending of Reigns’ run at the top is about much more than simply giving another star a popular win. There needs to be a story that can keep going at a high level beyond the one-night reaction.

What Next For The Bloodline?

Following the monster segment at Madison Square Garden, the drama involving The Bloodline continued on July 14th.

Jey Uso came to the ring and addressed the chaos the previous week, outlining his close bond with his brother, before vowing to disrespect Reigns. This brought out Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. Heyman said he was there to enforce peace and that Reigns would be back on July 21st to meet Jey to discuss the “Rules of Engagement.”

The Special Counsel then went on to blame Jey for what happened to Jimmy and Sikoa said he could never forgive Jey for what happened.

This sparked another brawl with Jey eventually managing to land a Superkick on Heyman. Jey ended up left in the ring with Heyman and a steel chair but was interrupted by Sikoa before he could use it on the former ECW boss, instead hitting The Enforcer.

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