Exclusive: Hornswoggle Gives Update On His Relationship With WWE

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Hornswoggle hasn’t appeared for WWE for a number of years but remains on good terms with the company, in part thanks to his dad.

The star — real name — Dylan Postl signed with WWE in 2006 and featured in a number of high-profile storylines before being released a decade later. Since then he has made occasional appearances for the company with the last of these coming in 2019.

Outside of WWE, Hornswoggle has wrestled in IMPACT and become a regular on the independent scene as well as making a cameo on AEW in late 2020.

In an exclusive interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Swoggle reflected on his remarkably varied career and what comes next. The star explained that while his in-ring days might be over, he continues to be involved in the business as a coach, something he enjoys tremendously.

When asked about WWE, Swoggle said that he remains on good terms with his former employer, and recalled some advice he was given by his father when he was released.

“Yeah, I talked about it this week on the podcast, when I got released. My, my real father said, ‘Hey, there’s gonna be interviews you do. There’s gonna be people out there, you know, with your release, asking you questions.’ Now he goes, he gave me the best advice, he said ‘Dylan. There’s no reason to burn a bridge. No reason. Because they gave you 10 years, of living your absolute dream. There’s no reason to talk badly about that.’ He goes, ‘There are people out there that would be begging for the longevity that you had. That shouldn’t have happened in reality.’ And so that’s always been my thing.

It’s like, I have no reason to burn a bridge, I have no reason to talk poorly of a company that gave me 10 years of living my dream, providing for my son, giving me an awesome life and making me a star that now I can sign that fake name, still seven years later, like, I can’t be mad at that. I can’t. So there’s no reason to be negative towards it whatsoever.”

Hornswoggle Hits Back At Fans Who Ask Him About Being “Vince McMahon’s Son”

The mention of Hornswoggle’s “real father,” was no accident, as during the interview the star hit back at fans who believe that Vince McMahon is his father in real life.

In storyline in later 2007, Hornswoggle was revealed to be McMahon’s illegitimate son although this was later proven to not be the case, and his dad was instead shown to be Finlay. Despite this, Swoggle said that he’s still approached by fans who ask about the Executive Chairman as if he is his real dad.

Speaking to Hausman, the star said that he wouldn’t approach a movie star to ask how their father was in a film, so doesn’t understand why he gets the same questions.

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