Exclusive: Fuego Del Sol Denies AEW Locker Room Division Over The Elite And CM Punk

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The AEW locker room remains united according to Fuego Del Sol.

Following CM Punk’s return to AEW on Collision it was reported that there was something of a split in the locker room between the former World Champion and The Elite. The issues between the two sides are well documented, and there were claims that not everyone was too happy Punk would be coming back to the company for the first time since All Out in September.

However, despite these claims, Fuego Del Sol — who only recently left AEW — says there is no divide with members of the locker room picking sides.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes, Fuego said that while both sides have people in their own friendship groups, talk of a split is overblown. The star went on to speak positively of Punk and revealed he checked on him when he got injured earlier in the year.

“I know there’s a whole thing that online where you have to pick a side between The Elite and CM Punk. That’s not how it is in the back. You know, you have really close friends of The Elite that of course are gonna, ‘hey, I’m with you guys. I’m running with you guys. I’ll talk sh*t on Twitter,’ you know sh*t like that.

Then there’s really close friends of Punk that are going to absolutely be riding with Punk. I haven’t revealed this to anybody. CM Punk hurt his foot last year, I hurt my foot in February, Punk messaged me multiple times a week checking on me. And so regardless of what anyone wants to say about him, I only go off about interactions that I’ve had with people. And he checked on me constantly. And I’m forever grateful for that.

If I ever had any questions before a show, and Punk was always there. You know, he was very nice to me, especially during that first run. I haven’t really been there as much post. You know, since Punk came back. I don’t know how he’s been. I’m not going to speak for anybody else’s opinion on him.”

To further highlight his point, Fuego explained that he also has a good relationship with the Young Bucks who also looked out for him.

“However, I have to turn around and say The Bucks have been phenomenal to me since day one. They treated me like a brother, a wrestler, one of the boys. They never treated me like I was an extra. They never acted like they were above me because they were EVPs, they’ve both checked on me since I got hurt.”

CM Punk And Others Praised For Helping Young AEW Stars

Fuego added that many of AEW’s established names are focused on improving the company and are more than happy to help the less experienced members of the roster. Again calling back to his own experience, the star recalled being thanked by CM Punk for making Hook look as impressive as possible when he made his in-ring debut in December 2021.

“But a lot of our top guys really want the best for the industry and help the younger guys out tremendously. The first match I had with Hook, on Hook’s debut episode, I come to the back after I lose, and Punk immediately comes to me and says, ‘Hey, I know you’re on the losing end of this, but we’re trying to make a star, and you did everything in your power to make that kid tonight and I appreciate you for that and a lot of people will appreciate you for that.’

So it’s hard for me to hate a guy, I wasn’t there in Chicago on All Out night. I don’t know what happened. And I refuse to speculate and I refuse to ask my friends on either side what happened because that’s all about bullsh*t and stuff in the back. I’m worried about growing the wrestling, business being a better wrestler every day. I think a lot of people, a lot of wrestlers get caught up in the bullsh*t.”

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