“Excellence Is Expected” – WWE Star Opens Up On Working For Triple H

Triple H

There has been plenty of talk about how WWE has changed with Triple H now running the day-to-day operations. Although Vince McMahon is still around – and reports emerge on a daily basis regarding to what extent he actually influences decisions – the general understanding among wrestling fans and among WWE’s wrestlers themselves is that Triple H is the one that makes all the final decisions.

With new management comes a new atmosphere, and it’s with that in mind that one WWE star spoke about how Triple H is much more of a positive influence on the talent.

In contrast with his predecessor – who was said to have created an atmosphere that could be described as “walking on eggshells” or “do as you’re told like a good soldier” – Triple H has been described by at least one person as “everyone’s favorite boss”.

Karrion Kross says Triple H has created a much better workplace in WWE

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Karrion Kross explained that the atmosphere is completely different now that Triple H is in charge and this, in turn, encourages the wrestlers to work harder, leading to “excellence”.

“We’ve always loved working for Hunter. He’s like the easiest boss that I’ve ever had in terms of being accessible to discuss ideas with. On the flip side, he may not tell you this, but excellence is expected.”

“He has a high standard for all of his talents to meet. He’s easy to talk to and everyone’s favorite boss, we all know that he expects us to bring it. That brings out the best version of all of us and is one of the main reasons people like to work with him.”

“When we have a show, he’s out there at ringside with everybody and doing everything. We’re very lucky to have that.”

h/t WrestleTalk for the transcription