Ex-WWE Writer On Potential Problems For Bray Wyatt – “They Don’t Like It When A Wrestler Is Smarter Than Them”

Bray Wyatt talking

Bray Wyatt’s WWE release in July 2021 came as a surprise to many fans given the star’s incredible popularity and connection with the audience. While the former World Champion had been absent from television for a number of months, it was always believed that he would find his way back into a prominent position when the time was right.

During his time away from WWE, Wyatt was linked with a whole host of new projects including movies, as well as moves to AEW and IMPACT Wrestling. However, the man himself remained out of the spotlight, save for a few cryptic messages on social media. That all changed in October 2022, when as expected, Wyatt was revealed to be the person behind the ‘white rabbit’ vignettes and made a crowd pleasing return to WWE at Extreme Rules.

Bray Wyatt Working With A ‘Non-Wrestling’ Writer Could Be a Major Positive

Wyatt’s return has been positively received by not only fans, but according to those within the company according to a number of sources. Ahead of Wyatt’s comeback WWE hired Rob Fee as their Director of Long-Time Creative. Interestingly, Fee had previously worked with the star outside of WWE and has a background in working for the likes of Marvel. It is believed that Wyatt is working closely with Fee in WWE, with the writer being heavily involved in the ‘white rabbit’ teases.

Speaking on Writing with Russo, WWE’s former Head Writer suggested that it’s a good thing that Bray Wyatt is working with Fee, as WWE writing teams tend to struggle once it becomes clear that performers are smarter than them.

“From what I understand, Bray [Wyatt] is working with another writer who had worked on his movie with him. I like the sound of that because I know when it concerns Bray Wyatt it’s going to get to a level that other people cannot comprehend. And here’s what happens in wrestling – once they get to a level that they can’t comprehend, all of a sudden, they feel very insecure because now you’re smarter than them. They don’t like that, bro. They don’t like when a wrestler is smarter to them.”

Since returning to WWE, Bray Wyatt is yet to wrestle a match. Although he has cut a number of promos giving glimpses into his new character direction. This in turn has led to the introduction of the mysterious character called “Uncle Howdy.” On the November 11th edition of SmackDown Wyatt confronted LA Knight backstage, leaving him laying with a headbutt.

H/t to Ringside News