Ex-WWE Lead Writer Criticises Judgment Day Segment

WWE Finn Balor Damian Prest Judgment Day

A former WWE writer has taken issue with The Judgment Day’s latest segment on Monday Night Raw.

On Raw in San Antonio, The Judgment Day made their presence felt when Finn Balor went one-on-one with Rey Mysterio. Before the match, however, Damian Priest took to the microphone to address Rey’s son Dominik as the group looks to recruit the younger Mysterio into their mysterious faction.

Taking to social media, ex-WWE writer and WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg took issue with that promo given the fact that The Judgment Day had physically attacked The Mysterios the previous week:

“So….. they attack me last week and now they cut a promo right in front of me. Idk my babyface doesn’t look good. #JUSTME#OUDK#WWERaw”

Finn Balor was able to put Rey Mysterio away with his Coup de Grace, picking up a big win over the former WWE Champion.

The Judgment Day is currently in something of a state of flux since the group welcomed Balor into the fold and kicked out their former leader, Edge. Group member and former Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley is currently out of action and was recently pictured wearing a heart monitor.

Road Dogg has also recently discussed his backstage altercation with current AEW star, CM Punk.