Ex-WWE Writer Claims WWE Have Underutilised “Freaking Genius” Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt

Just over a decade since the Bray Wyatt character was born, he remains an enigma, and one of the biggest mysteries of professional wrestling.

Wyatt delights and frustrates fans in equal measure. Many are quick to praise his storytelling, and ability to craft a character and provide intrigue to the audience while others feel that for all of these skills, the end result of these stories and his matches underdeliver.

When Wyatt returned to WWE in October 2022, there was renewed hope that this time things would be different. Upon walking out at Extreme Rules he was given a hero’s welcome, but five months on, that enthusiasm has begun to wane.

Appearing on Road Dogg’s podcast, Oh You Didn’t Know, former WWE writer Vince Russo gave his assessment of the current roster including Wyatt. The former Head Writer said that there are many talents being underutilised, and the “genius” Bray Wyatt is top of that list.

“I feel, my opinion, that there are people that are being underutilized, and I think it’s like simple things.”

“I think Bray’s a freaking genius,”

Bray Wyatt To Miss WrestleMania?

Since returning to WWE, Bray Wyatt has wrestled on television only once. On that occasion, he quickly defeated LA Knight in the divisive Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match. However, the star hasn’t appeared live on television since before Elimination Chamber, despite being involved in a WrestleMania program with Bobby Lashley.

His status for WrestleMania 39 was recently thrown into doubt with reports that he’s dealing with a “physical issue.” There’s no word on what this issue is, or when he might be back in action.

H/t to Wrestling Inc