Ex-WWE Talent Got “Buried” After Claiming To Be Better Than Kane

WWE legend Kane

Kane and The Undertaker are two of the most recognisable WWE Superstars in history.

Both men are multiple-time World Champions and have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in recent years. The Undertaker in particular is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest characters and greatest “big men” in history.

On top of their exploits in the ring, The Deadman and his storyline brother were also incredibly well respected backstage. Something one WWE hopeful found out their cost.

Russ McCullough joined WWE in 1998 after his football career came to an end. The would-be star stood at 6ft, 11 inches, so it is no surprise that WWE picked him up. However, while appearing in Ohio Valley Wrestling, McCullough earned a reputation for being difficult and not taking his training seriously.

During this period, McCullough also featured for other developmental territories, including Dutch Mantell’s IWA promotion. On a recent episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the veteran was joined by Kenny Bolin, a former manager in OVW.

Russ McCullough Claimed To Be Better Than WWE Legend Kane

During the conversation, Mantell said that when McCullough was briefly called up to the main roster he got caught making comments about The Undertaker.

“He never made the main roster, right? I think he did make it. I think he said something about Undertaker one night and Undertaker overheard him.”

Bolin added that McCullough had already earned a negative reputation backstage, something not helped by claiming to be better than WWE legend Kane.

“He already stated in OVW he was better than Kane. That’s what got him buried here.”

McCullough was released by WWE in 2001 after an incident with Rikishi. While appearing in the HWA, the former NFL Europe star was involved in a tag team match featuring Rikishi and legendary wrestling hard-man Haku.

It has been claimed that McCullough hit Rikishi with a stiff punch, so the popular star sat on him in response. Later in the match, McCullough was holding Rikishi who was supposed to duck after being let go, meaning Haku could kick him. However, McCullough didn’t let go of Rikishi so Haku kicked him straight in the head.

After the kick, an irate Rikishi grabbed a steel chair from the crowd and attacked McCullough, with the altercation continuing backstage, only coming to an end when a number of other wrestlers stepped in.

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