Ex-WWE Superstar Hits Back At Claims His Career Was Derailed Due To Getting A Hair Transplant

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Shawn Stasiak didn’t find high level success on WWE’s main roster, but he says getting hair transplant surgery didn’t play a part in derailing his career.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Kurt Angle claimed that Stasiak asked for his main roster WWE debut to be delayed so he could get a hair transplant, and that the company didn’t see him as a team player after the fact.

However, speaking in a recent interview with PWMania, Shawn Stasiak refuted Angle’s claims, detailing how his conversation with WWE went ahead of his 1999 debut. According to Stasiak, he asked WWE about getting a hair transplant and was given the company’s blessing.

“I was in Memphis Tennessee at the time, I was working with Jerry Lawler and was in a great storyline angle. It was so much fun looking back at those times, the king of course the legend so it was an honor for me to work with him.

“I was a young man, great body, full of piss and vinegar want to take on the world and here I am the WWE, and I’m in these training camps with guys like Test Andrew Martin, Christian, and Edge with these beautiful long flowing locks of blonde hair and I’m losing my hair, right I’m going I gotta do something about this man, this sucks, you know? And I’m thinking and what are my options? Shave it? Buzz it?

“I looked into that procedure and I went to one of the best places if not the best place in the world in Toronto and inquired, did a little consultation, and I got back to WWE, and I said ‘Listen, you guys were about to call me up I think soon and that was the word right?’

:And I consulted with them. I said I just think this would help improve my image give me some youth back give me some years back you know, and they say hey, by all means, if it improves your image and feel it helps your confidence and it gives you some youth and improves your image then by all means because we want to bring you in as kind of like, stay in shape, keep your abs and they were they weren’t telling me what the character was going to be as my rookie character we’d soon find out that after that, but I just decided to get that done.

“I don’t know where that story came from. I don’t know where Kurt conjured up that story in his mind.”

“That’s A Bullsh*t Story” – Shawn Stasiak On Kurt Angle’s Claims That A Hair Transplant Derailed His WWE Career

Continuing, Shawn Stasiak said that he doesn’t know where Kurt Angle got his information, but that it’s simply not true.

“I don’t know if he [Kurt Angle] heard something from someone in the office. I don’t know maybe he was a little loopy that day, I don’t what he was thinking, but that’s a bullsh*t story.

“I never would have called the WWE, and said ‘hey guys listen, I’m getting my hair done, you’re got to hold off my debut for a couple.’ Are you kidding me? None of that happened. I spoke with them and consulted. They said yes, by all means get it done, but get it done now, because there’s a little bit of a period of recovery, for about a month or so. And they said, just do it now, and then we should be fine. So I did.

“And then for about a month, I would travel to Monday Night Raw TV, thinking I was gonna make my debut, but they keep postponing this and next week, then next week, and then next week. And then finally, I made my debut, and I remember that night Lewis specifically, of course, you always think when did you make your actual debut?

“And I was in the arena, it was Grand Rapids, Michigan, it was in 1999 of course, and I’m in the arena, and I’m looking at the crowd through the curtains, I’m get ready to make my run and jump Tiger Ali Singh and walk off with Terry and Jackie introducing the Meat character.”

h/t PWMania