Ex-WWE Superstar Claims He’s “Still Got It” After “Heel” Comments About Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

Chavo Guerrero recently caused controversy by criticising WWE, Dominik, and Rey Mysterio for continued references to Eddie Guerrero.

The veteran said that he and other members of the Guerrero family were sick of others “prostituting” the family name. Rey Mysterio and Dominik have regularly referenced Eddie during their careers, especially in recent months as their rivalry heated up.

He followed this up on Twitter will a series of comments, writing that Rey Mysterio should donate some of the money that he’s made to charity, or Eddie’s daughters.

“If @reymysterio is really mentioning the Guerrero name only in tribute &not to line his own pockets with cash, maybe he’ll donate some of that money to charity,or even better,how about to Eddie’s daughters.That will show myself &the fans that hes not prostituting the family name.”

However, after setting the internet on fire, Chavo said that he was simply being a heel and that the outrage proved that he’d “still got it.”

“This is how a heel should tweet. Hook, line & sinker….I still got it.”

Rey Mysterio Competes In WWE Raw Main Event

The feud between the Rey Mysterio-led Latino World Order and Judgment Day rumbled into Monday Night Raw on April 24th. In the main event, Mysterio took on Damian Priest and was giving the former United States Champion a run for his money until Priest got a steel chair involved.

With Mysterio staring down the barrel of a painful beatdown, Bad Bunny made his entrance complete with Kendo stick in hand. After fending off Priest, The Hip Hop star challenged him to a Street Fight at Backlash.