Ex-WWE Stars Would Have Stayed Had Triple H Been In Charge Earlier

Vince McMahon Triple H

A number of former WWE Superstars have reportedly claimed that they would never have left the company had Triple H been installed as Head of Creative earlier.

For a number of years it was believed that Triple H and his wife Stephanie would eventually take control of WWE from Vince McMahon.

However, by June 2022 The Game was no longer involved with NXT as he had been for years previously, and Stephanie had left company after announcing she was taking a leave of absence.

What followed was a whirlwind of allegations, and the biggest shake-up that WWE has arguably ever seen. The end result saw Vince McMahon retire, and be replaced by Stephanie as co-CEO alongside Nick Khan, while Triple H has been named Head of Creative and Head of Talent Relations.

This has led to speculation that a number of WWE stars, and more specifically NXT stars, who have worked with Triple H previously could return to the company. Furthermore, it appears that a number of former WWE Superstars would have remained with the sports entertainment giant had Triple H been in his current role earlier.

A new report from Fightful Select has spoken with talents who left as far back as 2016, who believe that their careers may have been very different. One talent who departed in 2021 said that they thought the former World Champion already had some influence over creative, and hiring and firing back then, but obviously not as much as he does now.

“Numerous NXT talents” said that had Triple H been in his current role when they were released, they don’t believe they would have been let go. Although “a couple” did admit that they didn’t think it would have made any difference.

One former NXT talent spoke of their incredible loyalty to Triple H, noting that “things could have been much different” if he was in charge of their creative future. This person, and another now in AEW said they had “no confidence” in creative on the main roster previously. Another in AEW said that while they were happy they joined the company, if they were graduating to a Triple H led main roster “I probably would have re-signed with WWE before my deal was up.”

A free agent claimed that with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in their current positions the possibility of them returning has “greatly increased.” Others hoped that previous relationships with the former DX star would at least lead to conversations about a return.

It has been reported elsewhere that Triple H is looking to make a “creative splash” at SummerSlam after assuming full control.