Ex-WWE Star Slams John Cena’s Wrestling Skills – “It’s Painful”

John Cena Roman Reigns

While John Cena might be one of the biggest stars that wrestling has produced since The Rock and Steve Austin, his in-ring skills have regularly come in for criticism.

Despite this, Cena rose to become a 16-time World Champion squaring off against some of the best to ever do it.

During a recent episode of the Cafe de Rene podcast with Rene Dupree, former WWE Superstar Maven looked back on his time sharing a locker room with Cena. Following up on a question from a fan, the former WWE Superstar said that Cena was “bad” in the ring, describing his running in particular as “painful.”

“He fell into the category of like the Lugers of the world that just couldn’t… I mean he couldn’t, as middle of a ground of a wrestler I was, he was bad. It’s painful to watch him run. It’s painful… Here’s the best way that I can think of describing him. Have you ever had a dream and in your dream you’re trying to accomplish something athletic and for whatever reason you just can’t do it? You know that feeling? Like you can’t run or get to or swim or whatever. Like to me, that’s how he just lived life. He just was like constantly just couldn’t move the right way,”

Although Maven feels that Cena’s in-ring ability leaves much to be desired, he praised the legend for getting “more over than anybody.”

“Then again, like I said, the son of a b*tch was more over than anybody ever could’ve imagined. He’s a good entertainer. He could talk his a** off. Talk cirlces around everybody… And again, John was one of those guys that I knew in passing. You know, we never hung out. I don’t even think we never went out to eat together. But always just could not have been more polite to me. So, another guy that I could not be happier for his success. That said, he walked around like he had two left feet,”

John Cena Heading Back To WWE

John Cena is currently preparing to return to WWE and Monday Night Raw. It has been announced that the former World Champion will be back on the red brand on March 6th at the TD Garden in Boston. The appearance will be Cena’s first on Raw since June 27th, 2022.

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