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Ex WWE Star Recalls Sending John Cena A Recording Of His Diarrhoea

John Cena

A former member of the Spirit Squad has recalled the time he captured the moment he had a run-in with a protein shake in all its glory for John Cena.

Johnny Jeter was one of the five men who donned the green and white uniform to portray the cheerleading Spirit Squad on WWE TV in 2006. The evil squad of Johnny, Kenny, Nicky, Mikey, and Mitch captured tag team gold and tormented D-Generation X in their battles with the McMahons.

Speaking on UnSKripted, Jeter revealed that wasn’t the only torment he inflicted on Shawn Michaels during his WWE career. He recalled the time where a protein shake turned him inside out and he captured it in all its audio glory to play for WWE legend John Cena:

“John Cena and I went to the gym. I used to ride with him and Eugene, and we went to the gym, and afterwards, they had pure proteins in the, you know, the little thing. So I got a Pina Colada. ‘Oh my God, I’ve never tried that flavour before. Let me try it.’ So I drank it and Cena’s like, ‘Oh man, that’s gonna ruin you.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ He’s like, ‘It’s Pina Colada bro. It’s pure protein, it’s gonna go straight through you. You’re better off skipping the middleman just pouring that in the toilet.’ So anyway, we stopped at a gas station, Cena was on the phone, and I went to the bathroom, and I had diarrhoea. Don’t ask me why, but I took my phone and I recorded the sounds of it.”

“So when I got back in the car, Cena was on the phone, I put it up to his ear and played it. He’s talking [on the phone] and he’s like, ‘I gotta go. I just heard something that changed my life.’ We get to TV, and Shawn [Michaels] was eating like a steak dinner. He got it at Texas Roadhouse. He probably sent some indy guy to go get it. I got talked into by Cena [to play] the sound for Shawn while he was eating. And I played it. [Shawn Michaels] started laughing. He just put his stuff [down]. He’s like, ‘I’ve lost my appetite.'”

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