Ex-WWE Star On Chris Jericho – “Don’t Always Meet Your Heroes”

Chris Jericho flips off the crowd at AEW Revolution 2022

Chris Jericho has made himself into a household name after decades in the wrestling business, but one former WWE star wasn’t impressed during their time together in the sports entertainment giant.

Paul London signed with WWE in 2003, and he found success as a multi-time tag team champion. During a recent interview with Wrestling Then and Now, London was asked to give his one-word thoughts on a number of his former coworkers, including Big Show, Batista, and John Cena.

When it came to Cena, London couldn’t have been more filled with praise, touting Cena’s work ethic and calling him the Mick Jagger of professional wrestling.

“Mick Jagger of wrestling. Just the hardest working guy. Amazing. Like I said, I can’t just say one word. The guy learned Chinese fluently, like fluent Mandarin to improve business relations, you know what I mean? What does that say? That’s insane. So, very happy for his success.”

“He’ll Talk About Himself Enough” – Paul London On Chris Jericho

After the conversation turned to Chris Jericho, however, London took a long pause before saying:

“I’m trying not to censor or mute myself now, but… don’t always meet your heroes, you know? Don’t always meet your heroes. I loved Jericho as a kid; as you start to work with guys, you see different sides of them.”

When the interviewer said he didn’t want to cut London off and asked if he wanted to continue, the star responded:

“I mean, no. He’ll talk about himself enough I’m sure; what am I gonna add to it?”

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