Ex-WWE Star Says Main Roster Run Would Be Different If Triple H Was In Charge

Triple H WWE

A former WWE Superstar has reflected on their time in WWE and thinks their own run on the main roster would have been different had Triple H been in charge.

Many stars of the NXT brand founded by Triple H found their characters tweaked or completely changed when they got to the WWE main roster, with many failing to make the same impact that they did on the developmental brand.

One of these acts was the Sanity group led by former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, Eric Young. On NXT the group included Young, Nikki Cross [Nikki ASH], Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe but when the faction was called up to the main roster, Cross was left behind and the writing was already on the wall.

Within a year of arriving on the main roster Sanity had split up and by the middle of 2021, none of the male members of Sanity were still employed by WWE.

Speaking to Jim Alexander of Reel Talker, Eric Young explained why he did some producing work in WWE as a favour to Triple H and why he thinks if Triple H had been in charge then as he is now, things would have worked out very differently for him in the company:

“The producing, that was a favour to Triple H. I wasn’t being used, I was being paid full-time so he said I think you’d be good at it, what do you think about trying it out? Well, I’m there anyway so I might as well. (If Triple H had control at the time) Things would have been way different for me. I would do anything for him (HHH). I’d run through a wall. Help him hide a dead body (laughs), whatever he asked me to do. I respect him that much.”

Eric Young previously discussed telling Vince McMahon that McMahon had failed by not finding time on the hours of WWE television produced each week to find space for Young.

h/t Fightful