Ex-WWE Star Lashes Out At Company Over Exit – “I’m P*ssed About It”

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Alicia Fox has fired back at speculation that she’s retired while revealing that she’s not happy about how she left WWE.

Fox recently confirmed her departure from the company which ended a run that began back in 2006. After initially spending time in developmental promotions Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling she joined the main roster in 2008.

Although the star hasn’t wrestled a match of any description since 2022, she has insisted that she’s far from retired. Fox hit back at the recent speculation around her future during an impromptu catch-up with fellow former WWE Superstar Melina. The former Women’s Champion was doing an interview with MuscleManMalcolm when Fox went over and discussed working with her in the future.

During the exchange that you can see below, Fox said that it was the “machine” that said she was done, adding “I didn’t put my face on that alumni section.” After commenting that she was “p*ssed” about leaving WWE, she said the pair should visit Trinity in IMPACT and then Mercedes Mone in Japan.

Alicia Fox:Where should we go do this forbidden door stuff? We have some stuff we haven’t finished. Are you working, wrestling?

Melina: I don’t want to [wrestle] because it seems like everybody’s just like, ‘Here, do a match.’ It means nothing. If we’re going to do something, let’s tell a story. Let’s make it amazing.

Alicia Fox: We’re out of the box. We’re out. I was like, ‘well, I got some things to take care of. This is what I’m going to do; I’m going to go knock some ring dust off with Booker —

Melina:Oh my God! Really? I thought you were done!?

Alicia Fox: I never said that. The machine said that. Girl, this appearance has been eye-opening. I didn’t put my face on that alumni section. I never said that. My bags are still packed. I’m p*ssed about it. So this is what I’m thinking, so I’m talking to Booker and Sharmell, and then I’ll go do that. Then, we’ll go knock on Trin’s [Trinity] house and then Sasha’s [Mercedes Mone] house…

Melina: If this is the plan, I am 100% for that, and then I’ll end my career on that.

Alicia Fox: That’s fine, me too.

When Did Alicia Fox Last Wrestle For WWE?

Although Alicia Fox won championship gold with WWE, was highly thought of by her peers, and enjoyed a lengthy tenure with the company, her appearances had become few and far between in recent years.

Fox hasn’t wrestled since taking part in the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match, after spending an entire year out of the ring following the 2021 event. The star hasn’t wrestled anything like a full-time schedule since 2018, with her most recent singles match coming against Becky Lynch on Raw in April 2019.

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