Ex-WWE Star Feared They’d Be “Found Dead” If they Revealed Truth About Infamous Incident

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The truth behind what happened following WWE Crown Jewel in 2019 may never be fully known.

Following the event, more than 200 WWE personnel were left stranded on an aeroplane for several hours with the delay credited to a mechanical fault. However, the less-than-clear situation led to a number of conspiracy theories, including claims that then-Chairman Vince McMahon was involved in a dispute over pay.

All involved have mostly remained quiet about exactly what took place, although Drew McIntyre has previously stated that the incident was a “bit scary.”

Following the end of his podcast with Dax Harwood, Matt Koon took to Twitter to answer anonymous questions. In the thread, one fan asked what topic he wished he could have covered with Harwood, but didn’t get the chance to. Koon replied “Saudi Arabi place,” a reference to the incident following Crown Jewel.

Harwood himself then replied to the tweet stating that he was “scared” to tell the truth about what happened, claiming he feared he would be found dead if he did so.

“Honestly, I was afraid if I told the truth about what happened, I would’ve been found dead somewhere in my house.”

WWE Stars Were “Held Hostage” In Saudi Arabia

Speaking back in October 2022, Dave Meltzer discussed the incident in light of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows returning to WWE. Meltzer dived into the controversy around the incident and stated that Anderson got “yelled at” after his wife took to Twitter to question what was going on.

During the discussion, Meltzer noted that the WWE talent and staff on the plane had been “held hostage.”