Ex-WWE Star Defends The Miz’s 6 Month Locker Room Ban, Says It Was Up To The Undertaker

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The Miz has been ruffling feathers both on and off-screen since making his WWE debut in 2006, and one former WWE star thinks him being kicked out of the locker room over spilling some chicken was absolutely justified.

As the story goes, Miz was eating some chicken in the locker room one day when Chris Benoit angrily accused him of spilling on his bag. Another person walked in and said he’d gotten food all over Benoit’s bag, leading to the edict that Miz was no longer allowed to dress in the locker room. He was also made to use the same restroom as fans at events, and his punishment lasted for six long months until The Undertaker allowed him back in.

Public Enemies Podcast took to social media to discuss the punishment, expressing sympathy for The Miz and saying that he was punished for trying to live his dream.

Chavo Guerrero responded to the tweet in defense of the locker room at the time, saying that the punishment was “definitely warranted.” The tweet has since been deleted.

“You’re listening to his version. The punishment was definitely warranted.”

When a fan remarked that surely a shorter locker room ban would have been sufficient for such a small incident, Guerrero doubled down, insisting that locker room leader The Undertaker agreed with the decision to let the punishment continue for six whole months.

“Maybe, but that was up to the veteran, Undertaker to decide. He decided on 6 mo was enough punishment. Enough said.”

Screenshots of the deleted tweets can be seen below.

The Miz Will Host WWE WrestleMania 39

Despite his rocky start in WWE, The Miz went on to have plenty of success in the company, even going on to become the first ever two-time Grand Slam Champion.

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Miz revealed what was in the envelope his wife Maryse had given him the previous week. He announced that he was named the official host of the upcoming WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, CA.

Unfortunately for The Miz, that was where the good news started and ended. As the former World Champion said there was nothing that could bring him down he was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Fans sang the star to the ring and he asked Miz to call Logan Paul.

Miz said no, and was quickly laid out by Rollins. The Visionary then stole Miz’s phone and called Paul himself. After getting in a quick jab about Jake Paul losing to Tommy Fury, Rollins challenged Logan Paul to come to Raw next week, and the YouTube star accepted.