Ex-WWE Star Claims Illegal Substance Viral Clip Was Actually Them Using A Toaster


After a fascinating video played during his podcast, a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar had some clearing up to do.

For Rene Dupree, he will always have the resume credit of being one of the youngest professional wrestlers to ever sign with WWE, starting in 2002 at the age of 18 years old. With his progression moving quick, it only took around a year for Dupree to make his debut on WWE TV being a part of the La Resistance tag team paired up with Sylvain Grenier.

Former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree Is High On… A Cigarette?

Throughout his career in World Wrestling Entertainment, Renee Dupree had two stints as a WWE Tag Team Champions, once with La Resistance and the other stint being with Kenzo Suzuki. Dupree was eventually released from the company in 2007 at his request.

Named after a talk show segment that he had in WWE that had a short life, Dupree has a podcast branded as “Cafe De Rene.”

Recently on his filmed podcast, Dupree reached down to his side, appearing to be smoking something. Not knowing what could be, many professional wrestling fans on Reddit speculated about Dupree possibly being on drugs, and what it possibly could have been that he was smoking.

After discussions and rumors broke out, Dupree then took to his podcast once again to clarify what he was smoking, stating that he’s not on drugs. Dupree said that he smokes cigarettes, and at the time, he didn’t have a lighter, so he plugged his toaster beside him so he could have something to light up his smokes. Dupree then went on to show the toaster, that was located beside him, and made it clear that he was only smoking cigarettes.

Available on Reddit, the short clip from Dupree features comments from fans expressing their happiness to find out he’s not on any illegal drugs.