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Ex-WWE Referee Claims Eddie Guerrero Wouldn’t Be A Fan Of Wrestling Today

Eddie Guerrero

A former WWE referee has claimed that Eddie Guerrero wouldn’t have loved wrestling in 2022.

By the time of his untimely death in 2005, Eddie Guerrero was renowned as one of the best wrestlers on the planet. A accolade he had earned after performing at a incredibly high-level for a number of years across a number of promotions.

His work in ECW and WCW with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero paved the way for ‘smaller’ wrestlers to become stars in their own right, and helped pioneer a style of wrestling which hadn’t really been seen in the United States.

After moving to the WWF in 2000, Guerrero became beloved by fans, and the night of his World Championship win over Brock Lesnar is still fondly remembered to this day.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Reffin’ It Up with Brian Hebner, the former WWE official looked back at the career of the former WWE Champion. During the episode, Hebner pondered how Latino Heat would have fared in 2022, as the wrestling industry has shifted dramatically in the near two decades since his passing.

Hebner surmised that the WWE Hall of Famer wouldn’t have loved the current in-ring style, with it’s emphasis on high-spots and lack of selling.

“No, I don’t (think he would be happy with it.). I think Eddie would like it, but not love it,” Brian Hebner said. “I think the current style that’s used is not something he would be particularly happy about, in my opinion. What I’m talking about is the crash and burn [and] no sells. Everybody kicks out of everybody’s finish. I just don’t think that’s Eddie Guerrero.”

Hebner also recalled the night that Guerrero won the WWE Championship. He explained that giving the title to the star made sense as his segments were doing incredibly well in the television ratings.

“They were doing a lot of research picking up who was watching and where they were watching from. Eddie was a huge draw for that Latino audience and it was in some huge markets,” Brian Hebner revealed. “A lot of that played into the fact that this is going to be the guy because this guy is bringing in ratings. I know people say they don’t want it to be about race. It wasn’t. It was about ratings. It wasn’t what he was or wasn’t. It was about what he was doing to multiple cultures of people. So it made sense to want to lean towards putting the belt on Eddie at this time.”

Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Championship after defeating Brock Lesnar at No Way Out in 2004. Following his victory he went on to retain his title with a win over Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.