Ex-IMPACT Star Sets Fire To Championship Belts Over Pay Dispute

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A former IMPACT Wrestling star has literally added fuel to the fire of a dispute with his current wrestling home, setting two title belts ablaze.

Professional wrestling is an industry that thrives on the outlandish, and uses real-life controversy to create storylines and as much money as possible. But in a year which has seen MJF declare war on his boss, and wrestlers air disputes with major promotions on social media, this story might be the new benchmark.

Following a dispute with IWA Mid-South Wrestling, Jake Crist took to social media to call out the promotion’s owner Ian Rotten. So far, so 2022. However, Crist then proceeded to up the ante, just a tiny bit, by lighting two of promotion’s championship belts on fire.

In the clip, Crist said that he had given Rotten “a f*cking month to give me my money,” adding that seeing as he’d burnt that bridge, it was time to “do some burning of my own.” At this he pours what appears to be gasoline over the belts before lighting them on fire.

The two belts in question were the IWA World Championship and the IWA Mid-South World Junior Heavyweight Championship. Crist has held both for well over 200 days.

As the clip exploded on social media, the star was supported by numerous fellow wrestles who have worked with Ian Rotten.

Jake Crist is probably best known for his stints in Ring of Honor and IMPACT Wrestling where he is a former X Division Champion.

IWA Mid-South Wrestling was founded in 1996 and has previously featured the likes of CM Punk and Colt Cabana.