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Evil Uno: “We Never Knew Who The Exalted One Was Going To Be”

Evil Uno

There was a lot of mystery surrounding the Dark Order and where they were headed in the early days of the faction. It seems the mystery wasn’t just for fans though as, in a recent podcast interview, Evil Uno revealed that the group were just as much in the dark as the fans were.

Appearing on Sitting Ringside With David Penzer earlier this week, Uno discussed his 16-year career, culminating in a discussion of his time in AEW so far as a key player in the Dark Order. Recalling his debut, Uno spoke about why he believes fans were confused by the group at first:

“When we were shown in May of 2019 at Double or Nothing, people weren’t very excited. People didn’t know who we were because we hadn’t been wrestling in America in over 7 years at that time. That grew with some discussions with them. We started turning it into a cult explaining where these minions come from. How do these people join our group? Why do they join the group?”

He went on to talk about Brodie Lee as the Exalted One and some of the other potential names who were also in the running:

“Initially, we never knew who the Exalted One was going to be. All we knew is we were going to drag this out until we had a reveal. Before the reveal, I think it was maybe a month beforehand, if not a little earlier, we had inklings it was going to be Brodie Lee.”

“Matt Hardy was implied at one point and was a maybe for about 2 days and then we decided it wasn’t. But, we used the mystery and the fact his contract was expiring that we tried to entice people into thinking it was him because it seemed like the most obvious subject. I heard that Marty Scurll was also a potential but no one ever discussed it with us. I know Dr. Luther did some interviews and promos as a potential leader as well when it was in its infancy, but Brodie Lee was the concrete choice for the last month before the reveal.”

Evil Uno also discussed starting his career alongside Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, the influence video games have had on his wrestling personas, meeting Stu Grayson & forming the ‘Super Smash Bros.’ and more!

You can listen to the podcast in full here.