“Everyone Needs To Relax” – Tommy Dreamer Provides Update On Terry Funk

Terry Funk

Tommy Dreamer has provided an update on the legendary Terry Funk, claiming the Hall of Famer is “not in bad health”.

News of Terry Funk’s ailing health began to circulate online recently following comments made by Don Muraco on his ‘Magnificent’ podcast. Muraco stated that Terry is dealing with dementia and is currently residing in an assisted living facility in his hometown of Armadillo, TX.

Following this, an official update on Funk’s health was available via Terry Funk’s Twitter account:

Yes, Mr. Funk is currently receiving residential care for his multiple health issues, which do affect his mind as well as the rest of his body. As you can imagine, some days are better than others. He & his family appreciate all of your kind words!


However, during a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer provided an update of his own regarding Terry Funk. Having recently conversed with the legendary performer, Dreamer would surmise that perhaps social media has exaggerated the extent of Funk’s health issues. Dreamer recalled a conversation with Funk from June, in which they discussed the current professional wrestling landscape:

“With social media, things start to take a life of their own. I get a lot of texts about Terry and his health and I see all these tweets about Terry. The biggest one was the WWE. I talked to Terry on his birthday [June 30] and he was fine. I talked to him the week before his birthday for 40 minutes. He was, and is, sharp as a tack. I’m talking about college for my daughters, the wrestling business where he knows about AEW. He calls it ‘from Dusty’s boys.’ He talks about Vince and knows about Peacock network.”

Tommy Dreamer confirmed that Funk, who recently celebrated his 77th birthday, is indeed in an assisted living facility, but that his health has improved as a result of this:

“He is in assisted living, but he still has his home. He’s 77 and his daughters worry because he’s alone. Sometimes, he’s forgetful and had a rough patch with his health. Ever since he moved (to assisted living), he’s been in better, I don’t want to say spirits, but more with it. I haven’t spoken to his daughters about his mental health, but as clear as my conversation is with [Dave LeGreca], that’s my conversation with Terry.”

Terry Funk debuted in professional wrestling in 1965. He has appeared in nearly every major promotion during his career and continued to perform sporadically until 2017. With countless legendary matches with the likes of Ric Flair, Cactus Jack and Ricky Steamboat, the tenured veteran became one of the all time greats of wrestling, a multiple time World Champion and Hall of Famer in many classes.

Tommy Dreamer also shared his most recent conversation with Funk. Reportedly talking with Terry this week, Dreamer revealed that not only was Funk able to converse, but jokingly proposed a comeback storyline in light of these latest reports, regarding his health:

“I called him yesterday and left him a message. He calls me back and I start telling him all the stuff. It started on Don Muraco’s podcast where he’s talking to Scott Casey and apparently they painted him as not being able to put sentences together and having dementia. I told Terry this and I won’t say what he said about Scott Casey except, ‘he’s full of sh*t, always was.’

It was perhaps the funniest conversation because now Terry is like, ‘We’re going to make money out of this. Sika’s kid [Roman Reigns] and [Paul Heyman] and me and you. I’m going out of retirement. Let’s do it. I can still draw. I heard the ratings are in the shitter.’ I hang up, he calls me back and is like, ‘I’m either gonna get arrested. I’m thinking of taking off all my clothes, running out in the street and beating people up. We’ll make money on this somehow. If they think I’m crazy, we’ll show them I’m crazy.’”

Dreamer also commented on the media attention surrounding Funk’s health diagnosis:

“They jumped on the negative and thought his health was in such peril and it was just not true. Even though WWE didn’t say anything wrong, he said he had spoken to two people on Tuesday, myself and [his social media guy]. ‘Nobody called me, nobody checked in.’ How do you release a statement where you don’t check your facts?”

Tommy Dreamer also took to Twitter to reassure fans that Terry Funk is not in as poor health as first reported. He also added that despite it all, Terry loves that everyone is talking about him.

Credit for Interview: Busted Open Radio

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