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Every Draft Pick From Night 1 Of The WWE Draft 2020

Graphic for night 1 of the WWE Draft 2020

The WWE Draft 2020 kicks off with its first of two nights tonight on the October 9th episode of WWE SmackDown!

Below is a summary of every draft pick that was made, what show they were drafted to and what number they were drafted at during the show! You’ll see ‘(SWITCH)’ next to any Superstars who have switched brands as a result of the draft.

  1. Drew McIntyreRAW
  2. Roman Reigns SmackDown
  3. Asuka RAW
  4. Seth RollinsSmackDown (SWITCH)
  5. The Hurt BusinessRAW
  6. AJ StylesRAW (SWITCH)
  7. Sasha Banks SmackDown
  8. NaomiRAW (SWITCH)
  9. Bianca Belair SmackDown (SWITCH)
  10. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler RAW
  11. RicochetRAW
  12. Jey UsoSmackDown
  13. Mandy RoseRAW
  14. Rey & Dominik Mysterio SmackDown (SWITCH)
  15. The Miz & John MorrisonRAW (SWITCH)
  16. Kofi Kingston & Xavier WoodsRAW (SWITCH)
  17. Big ESmackDown
  18. Dana BrookeRAW
  19. Otis SmackDown
  20. Angel GarzaRAW

Further picks were made on Talking Smack following the show:

  1. Humberto CarrilloRAW
  2. MurphySmackDown (SWITCH)
  3. Drew GulakRAW(SWITCH)
  4. KalistoSmackDown
  5. TuckerRAW(SWITCH)

Live results from WWE SmackDown can be found on ITRWrestling.com every week with additional coverage of the WWE Draft available throughout this weekend.

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