Eva Marie Set To Return To The WWE

Eva Marie Set To Be Return To The WWE

After four years away, Eve Marie is reportedly set for a WWE return, possibly as soon as tonight on Raw.

‘All Red Everything’ Eva Marie last stepped foot inside a WWE ring in July of 2016 on an Indiana house show against Becky Lynch. In the four years since that show, Eva Marie has gone on to star in several major production films including ‘Hard Kill’ with Bruce Willis. Furthermore, in the four years since Marie’s last WWE appearance, she has undergone an inspiring body transformation, sharing the tools and methods she utilised to achieve this, on her online daily workout programme ‘NEM FIT‘.

Before her departure in 2016, The Former Total Divas star had wrestled over 100 matches for the WWE across RAW, SmackDown and NXT. Marie’s final, run which featured a unique ‘anti-wrestler’ persona who avoided matches at any cost, received widespread praise from fans and critics alike.

It has been heavily speculated that Eva Marie would make a return to the WWE for several years now, with the rumours gaining further traction when, during a September 2020 interview with The Wrap, Marie stated that she would be open (in the right scenario) to a WWE return:

“WWE is my No. 1. My home. My family. They prepared me for all the things I am doing and what I want to do in my career,” she said. “I am forever grateful to the company, to Vince [McMahon], Hunter [Triple H] and Stephanie [McMahon]. If it made sense, of course I’d come back home.”

These rumours appear to be confirmed, with Cultaholic reporting exclusively earlier this morning that a source within the company has confirmed that the former WWE and NXT Superstar is set to return and that the return may be as early as tonight.

Cultaholic Stated:

“Cultaholic can now exclusively report that Eva Marie is set to return to WWE. Her second debut may also be imminent as a source within the company told us the former Total Divas star could return as soon as tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.”

With the culmination of the WWE 2020 Draft occurring tonight on WWE RAW and the show featuring a Women’s Battle Royal to crown Asuka’s #1 contender for the WWE RAW’s Women’s Championship, it is possible although purely speculative from ourselves at this point that ‘The Flame-Haired Beauty’ could make her way onto the show tonight.

The original exclusive report from Cultaholic can be found on both their website and YouTube Channel.