Eva Marie Says She Was Ready To Do A Shooting Star Press On RAW

Eva Marie

Eva Marie teased that Doudrop prevented her from showcasing her new Shooting Star Press on Monday Night RAW.

On the August 30th episode of the red brand, Eva Marie had been due to go one-on-one with her former protégé. After cracks began to appear in their relationship, Doudrop walked out on Marie at SummerSlam, taunting her after she was defeated by Alexa Bliss.

This led to Marie attacking Doudrop backstage on the following episode of RAW, setting up a match between the two.

However, before the match could get underway, Doudrop, who arrived with new theme music, attacked her rival. With Marie left laying, the referee declared that she was unable to compete.

Posting on social media after the match that never was, Eva Marie said it was a “sad night for the sport of wrestling.” Not only that, she revealed that the attack prevented her from showcasing her new Shooting Star Press.

Elsewhere on RAW, the match between Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax descended into a real-life confrontation.

At one point during the match Nia Jax picked Flair up for a belly-to-back suplex and dropped The Queen high on her back, shoulders, and neck onto the canvas. Many fans have wondered if there was a hint of reality when the two women began trading slaps before continuing with the match. Flair also delivered a nasty-looking chop block to Jax’s knee in an attempt to set her up for the Figure 8 submission.

The match came to an end with Jax delivering a vicious powerbomb to Flair to pick up the win.

It has since been reported that the match went awry and there were legitimate moments where “real slaps and punches” were thrown. Following a brief breakdown in communication, there was a “legitimate confrontation” between the two Superstars.

However, the finish of the match went as planned and there were no issues between the two when they got backstage.