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Eva Marie Reveals She Was Scheduled To Return Before WrestleMania

Eva Marie

Eva Marie has revealed that she was originally scheduled to return to WWE prior to WrestleMania 37.

Speaking in a new interview with Graham GSM Matthews of Bleacher Report, All Red Everything lifted the lid on her recent WWE comeback.

It was originally reported back in October that Eva Marie would be heading back to the company, but her reappearance failed to materialise. Despite this, the now RAW Superstar, had already inked a new deal and was seen backstage at the ThunderDome.

Vignettes finally started airing on Raw in May as Marie promised to bring the ‘Eva-Lution’ to the red brand. This led to the star finally appearing in person alongside her new protégé Piper Niven on June 14th. This marked Eva Marie’s first foray into a WWE ring since 2016.

Reflecting on her return to WWE, the former NXT star explained that it was inevitable that she would be back one day.

“I absolutely love WWE,” she said. “They’ve been such a great support for me, even the five years I’ve been away. I have so much love, respect and admiration for Vince [McMahon], Stephanie [McMahon] and [Triple H] because they gave me my shot. They gave me a go and started my career. They’ve also been super supportive of everything I’ve done on the outside of WWE, and I knew it wasn’t a matter of if. It was just a matter of when Eva Marie was going to come back into the company, and I’m glad that it’s now.”

While it may have been a matter of if and not when she would return, Eva revealed that the timing of her big comeback was far more up in the air. Marie explained that she was initially slated to return before WrestleMania 37 which took place on April 10th and 11th.

“There’s always so many things where creatively, story-wise, there were so many thing where I was going to come back before ‘Mania, and then I wasn’t,” she said. “Timing is everything, and just making sure it made sense. That’s kind of where it was at where I thought I was returning a lot sooner, and then it didn’t make sense. WrestleMania wasn’t the right moment, and right after wasn’t, either. It was just looking for that right little slot to insert the storyline and create it and start it.”

The pairing of Eva Marie with Piper Niven, currently known as ‘Doudrop,’ has drawn some criticism from fans online. That scepticism was also reportedly shared by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. However, the Scottish Superstar has apparently won over McMahon, with a new report suggesting that the Chairman is “super impressed” with Niven’s recent performances.