Eva Marie Officially Renames Piper Niven As Doudrop

Eva Marie Doudrop

Eva Marie gave her new on-screen protégé a new name on Monday Night Raw, with the one-time Piper Niven not looking thrilled at being rechristened Doudrop.

Doudrop debuted on the main roster the previous week on Raw taking Eva Marie’s place in a match against Naomi. Doudrop was able to defeat the former SmackDown Women’s Champion and after the match, Eva Marie took to the microphone to declare that she had won the match as Doudrop had filled in for her. Smiling and hugging Eva Marie, Doudrop looked thrilled even if Eva did not.

In that outing, the commentators acted as if they had never seen Piper Niven before even though she has been part of the NXT UK brand since 2019. She had previously competed in the Mae Young Classic Tournament in 2017, even defeating Serena Deeb in the second round. Ultimately Niven lost in the third round of that tournament to former NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm. Prior to joining WWE, Piper Niven wrestled under the name Viper on the independent scene, and as part of the short-lived World of Sport revival in the UK.

This week on Raw, Eva Marie was being interviewed backstage beside her new partner as they were set to face Naomi and Asuka in a tag team bout where the winners qualified for the women’s Money In The Bank match. As Niven was asked for her name, Eva Marie interrupted the Scot to inform the world that her name was now Doudrop. Doudrop did not appear pleased at this news and she sulked as Eva Marie walked off.

Her unhappiness would carry on into the tag team match later in the evening. Doudrop had Naomi down and began climbing the ropes only for Eva Marie to tag herself into the match. As she tried to take advantage of a downed Naomi she soon got caught and desperately tried to tag Doudrop back in. Taking offence at the change of name and being tagged out of the match, Doudrop dropped from the apron and left Eva Marie to lose the match, meaning Naomi and Asuka are now part of the women’s Money In The Bank match on July 18th.