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Eva Marie – “Any Criticism To Me Is Like ‘Good, I’m Doing My Job'”

Eva Marie

Recently returned WWE Superstar Eva Marie has addressed the criticism that she has received from some fans seemingly from the moment she stepped inside the ring.

This is has only intensified in recent weeks as Eva Marie returned to Monday Night RAW flanked by Piper Niven, who she later Christened ‘Doudrop.’

In conversation with Graham GSM Matthews of Bleacher Report, Eva Marie has now discussed the criticism which comes her way. Marie explained that she used the comments to push herself forward. Adding that if you’re taking certain things to heart, you “shouldn’t be in entertainment.”

“Obviously, first coming into the company so brand-new you’re trying to take everything in stride,” she said. “At the same time, I was brand-new to social media, brand-new to WWE, brand-new to Total Divas. You’re taking certain things and trying to learn as you go. Now that I’ve learned so much, especially outside of the company, I take everything in stride. Any type of criticism, to me, is like, ‘Good, I’m doing my job.’ No matter what, you have to think no one is going to be happy. You’re not going to appease every single person. If you’re taking certain things to heart, then you shouldn’t be in entertainment.”

The former NXT Superstar also expressed her desire to capture WWE Women’s gold.

“The goal is that Eva-Lution is here, so I definitely want to be WWE champ,” she said. “I want to have that title around that waist, and especially now that we have women’s tag team titles. I’ll take those too. I’ll hand one to Doudrop, no problem. I want to stir up the entire division from Raw to SmackDown. There’s time to stir it up, cause some commotion, and I think I’m already doing that.

“The girls are fantastic. To be able to jump into a storyline with Bayley again? Shoot, or, you know what, Becky Lynch too. I was in a storyline with her before I left as well from SmackDown, so to start another storyline with her would be fantastic as well. The entire division is stacked. I’d be more than thrilled to jump into a storyline with anybody. Rhea’s awesome. Bianca Belair’s a savage. I’m excited.”

On the most recent episode of RAW, Marie teamed with Piper Niven, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in defeating Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Noami and Nikki Cross. While Eva Marie wasn’t involved in the win, she still claimed the victory for herself after the match, to the disgust of Nia Jax who actually pinned Cross to win the contest