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Eugene Reveals Snitsky’s Foot Fetish Gimmick Was Real

Snitsky Maria

Former WWE Superstar Eugene has discussed a fellow former star of the company whose foot fetish gimmick on-screen was very much based on reality.

Eugene – best known today as Nick Dinsmore – was part of WWE full time from 2004 until 2007. Playing Eric Bischoff’s nephew Eugene led the star to share the ring with some of the biggest names in the wrestling business including Triple H and The Rock.

Appearing on the It’s My Wrestling podcast, the former World Tag Team Champion had discussed another star from those days of RAW, Snitsky. Snitsky was a menacing villain for much of his WWE run, making his introduction in a very unsavoury storyline involving Lita and Kane who were an on-screen couple at the time.

Snitsky soon developed a different side on TV as he became obsessed with feet. According to Nick Dinsmore, this was a case of art imitating life:

“Snitsky’s a great dude, I travelled around with him a lot. But the foot fetish thing was absolutely true. I remember we were on a flight to the Philippines – a sixteen-hour flight to the Phillippines and towards the end of the flight he convinced one of the airline stewardesses to take her shoes off so he could touch her feet.”

“I’ve seen this woman walk up and down the aisles for sixteen hours serving drinks and now you want to touch her feet?! Why didn’t you do that when you first got on the plane? But he was absolutely cool to travel with. I saw him do it several times, the woman had stockings on but if they wouldn’t have no stockings that foot would be in the mouth right away, boom.”

“That was him, and they just brought it out on TV. That was the stuff he did. He went to get pedicures and have his toes painted. We were in Australia and every night we’d be smoking a cigar and he’d be wearing stockings and toes out.”

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