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Erick Rowan Shares Incredible Origin Story Of His Iconic Wyatt Family Ring Gear

Erick Rowan moves in to attack

Former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan has revealed the origins of the ring gear he wore when he was a member of The Wyatt Family.

The Wyatt Family were a dominant force in WWE from 2012 until their final split in 2017. Originally a trio headed by Bray Wyatt alongside Erick Rowan and the late Brodie Lee – then known as Luke Harper – and later featuring Braun Strowman, they ran roughshod in the company, taking part in feuds with the likes of The Shield, The New Day, John Cena, and The Usos.

The group were known for their unique ring attire, with Wyatt wearing braces and Hawaiian shirts, Lee in ripped jeans and a grimy vest, and Rowan donning a boiler suit. One of the creepier aspects of Rowan’s gear was the sheep mask he wore to the ring.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Erick Rowan, now going by Erick Redbeard, recalled how his look came to be.

“I was doing all these different gimmicks, and I tried a Viking gimmick. I was told that would never make any money, which is funny three or four years later, there’s the Viking Raiders and they’re great. So I tried all these different things, and I did all these promos with Windham [Bray Wyatt] and Jon [Huber aka Luke Harper].

“Windham went to a Halloween shop and got all these masks—and one was a sheep mask. I tried all the masks on promo day, and I tried all these different mannerisms and characteristics. But back then, Dusty Rhodes didn’t want me to cover up my face. He said I was ugly enough without the mask [laughing], meaning I had a unique face.”

He went on to explain that the group’s TV debut on NXT came unexpectedly so he had to act quickly to finalise his presentation, and that’s when everything clicked into place.

“Fast-forward, I debuted with the Wyatts in NXT. No one told me I was debuting that night at Full Sail. I had blue jeans, but I didn’t want to do that because that’s what Jon was wearing and I didn’t want to wear trunks, but I was lucky to have that jumpsuit in my trunk. It’s funny how things come together. When we filmed our Wyatt Family vignette, I decided to bring all those masks. So it just happened to be a series of funny coincidences.”

After the dissolution of the Wyatt Family, Erick Rowan continued his partnership with Brodie Lee. The two began carrying large mallets to the ring and calling themselves The Bludgeon Brothers. They successfully captured the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 34 and reigned for 134 days before eventually losing to the titles to The New Day.