Eric Young Calls Nikki Cross “A Beautiful Light”, Cross Responds [Exclusive]


While Eric Young and Nikki Cross are currently plying their trade in two separate promotions in IMPACT Wrestling and WWE respectively, the pair seem to still have a lot of love for one another from their SAnitY days.

Once one of the most dominant factions in WWE, SAnitY sadly wouldn’t get the chance to live up to their full potential when moved to SmackDown – with questionable booking and Scottish Superstar Nikki Cross not joining the stable on SmackDown being one of the reasons many fans online would give for the group’s demise.

Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy recently asked the World Class Maniac, in an exclusive interview for Inside The Ropes, about working with WWE Superstar Nikki Cross in WWE, and just what EY’s thoughts on Cross are as a person.

“I mean, I’m sure you’ve talked to her or met her – wrestling is a small world – and she is just a light, an absolute beautiful light, just so fun to be around and just eternally positive. And besides all the stuff of, ‘she’s this great human being and she’s funny, and she’s nuts, and just awesome to be around,’ is she’s crazy talented.

Young went on to say he doesn’t even believe the RAW Superstar knows how good she is, saying he hopes WWE gives her “a real run” and praising her incredible talent.

“I don’t think even Nikki knows how good she is, and I think the world is kind of starting to find out about it, but there is literally no limit to what she can do and what she can become – and I’m hoping that they they give her a real run because she is somebody that the wrestling world will enjoy, has enjoyed already, but I just don’t think she even knows how good she is.

“She’s so talented, was such a huge part of of SAnitY. I’m so happy to to share tons of great memories with her and share a ring with her, and share a spotlight with her. So, yeah, she’s awesome, man. And besides being uber-talented is just a great person, so everything good that happens to her, she deserves!”

Nikki Cross would then respond to the comments from Eric Young via Twitter, speaking of how she feels “so lucky” to have worked alongside the man she calls her “wise uncle” before sharing that the pair disagree on whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie – but cleverly not revealing which side of the debate she’s on. (Smart choice, Nikki)

“Feel so lucky to have worked with and learned from @TheEricYoung Miss him and his sense of humour. He’ll always be my wise uncle. Even if we disagree on die hard being a Xmas movie. P.s promise not slamming expensive jackets on the ring mat anymore @DamoMackle @TheWWEWolfe”

You can read the full interview here.

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