Eric Bischoff On Why Vince McMahon Will Never Sell WWE

Vince McMahon Eric Bischoff

Former WWE Executive Director Eric Bischoff has explained why he thinks WWE will never be sold while under the leadership of Chairman Vince McMahon.

Rumours continue to swirl as to the future of WWE as the company has carried out swingeing cuts to its roster beginning in 2020 that have been put down to “budget cuts.”

The latest of these cuts took place on November 18th 2021 with the likes of Hit Row, John Morrison, and Tegan Nox among the latest batch of WWE Superstars released from their contracts.

Many onlookers have also pointed to the power of WWE President Nick Khan and the fact that the company will be moving into rented headquarters in 2022 as they seek to sell off their longtime home as other factors that WWE might indeed be up for sale.

Now speaking on his 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff has explained why he doesn’t think the company will be sold and says family legacy is the be all and end all for Vince McMahon:

“One of the reasons I was so steadfast in my opinion that WWE under Vince McMahon will never sell is because of the strong impression that I had over many, many years and even working with Vince very closely for a short time, it’s so obvious to me that Vince holds the legacy of his father and grandfather so highly.”

“It’s evident when you walk into Vince’s office, right? It’s not a mystery, you can figure it out pretty quickly. I’ve just always believed because of that legacy and how highly apparent to me that Vince holds that legacy, and that he’s got Stephanie and Shane and by virtue of marriage Triple H, and he’s got grandchildren.”

“I just would believe that, I’ve always believed that Vince would be far more predisposed to allowing his family to carry on that legacy that means so much to Vince.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.