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Eric Bischoff – “Vince Can Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat At Any Point”

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Eric Bischoff has shared his thoughts on the criticism fans aim at Vince McMahon, saying the WWE CEO can still create “spectacular” things in wrestling.

Speaking with Michael Torres of Lucha Libre Online, the former Raw General Manager discussed whether those creative powers still remain for ‘VKM’ before discussing how WWE’s creative process has changed. ‘The Bisch’ opined:

“Well, I think so. I think so. But I think the WWE business model has become so much more complex. And just the sheer volume of wrestling that WWE produces has changed the creative process dramatically. So, it’s hard for me to comment. I certainly think at any given point Vince McMahon can pull a rabbit out of his hat and create something very spectacular. I think Vince McMahon has clearly his demonstrated a tremendous amount of creative horsepower and intellect. I just think that the nature of the business has changed so much that for viewers. We just don’t feel it anymore”.

‘Easy E’ started his career with WCW and is most notably known for bringing in Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to the company. They would later join with Hulk Hogan to become the nWo. He made his debut as Raw’s on-screen General Manager and has been a creative presence for the WWE. Recently he has spoken up about Goldberg’s involvement with WWE, having overseen his ascent within WCW. Another wrestler upon whom Eric Bischoff has spoken lately was former WCW and WWE superstar Sting and his role within AEW.

Credit for the interview and transcription: Lucha Libre Online