Eric Bischoff Discusses Who Tony Khan Should Lean On For AEW Advice

Eric Bischoff

With Tony Khan clearly struggling to maintain a positive atmosphere within AEW’s backstage environment, Eric Bischoff has discussed who he thinks Khan should go to for advice.

Although AEW has been the hot topic of wrestling discourse over the last few days, it’s been for all of the wrong reasons. The post-All Out media scrum drew great scrutiny following comments made by CM Punk, which resulted in a heavily reported-on backstage incident involving Punk, Ace Steel, and The Elite.

Tony Khan was forced to make a rare on-screen appearance during last night’s Dynamite, receiving a mixed reaction. This is due to his handling of the situation, having now been given advice on how best to react to future incidents of this nature from Eric Bischoff on an AdFreeShows podcast special:

“Here’s my advice to Tony Khan, lean on Chris Jericho. Lean on [William] Regal, lean heavily on them. They’re well respected. You need some respect in your roster right now. It doesn’t appear, at least from those of us on the outside looking in, like you have that. And I’ve been there and I’ve done it, fix that sh*t right away. Lean on Jericho if they’d be willing to do it, but those are two really, really amazingly experienced talented guys that have the respect that can help you out, lean on them.”

Tony Khan has been tremendously criticised for the way in which he’s handled the situation. Refraining from outright firing anyone, in particular CM Punk, has led to many demanding Khan make heavy amendments following Punk’s behaviour.

A number of consequences have already been dished out by Tony Khan, including a litany of suspensions, and the AEW World and World Trios Championships being declared vacant.

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